четвъртък, 9 март 2017 г.

Today is another day!

Снимка: Пламен Момчилов
I have a friend, you know her well, who told me that her man is more aware for her thoughts, feelings and desires, after that she has found another man, and she started to treat him as a stranger.

And I remembered our little bet, which let us talk as we are again at our first date. To listen and to understand, without a war between your male and my female door.

I’m so proud of you today!

Like any other Thursday of the year.

my mouth has taste like kiss of wine
my body has clues by stranger from the night behind us

-         Good morning, my stranger of the night!
-         Nice to meet you, my glory night!
-         Do you want a tea or another sleepless night?
-         I want to live forever in that night behind… us

That’s how that story happened once upon a time.
And make me yours, and make you mine.
The same story repeats again and again.

The arguments are different, but the ends are still the same…

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